1. insane, crazy, crazed, mad, lunatic, lunatical, deranged; of unsound mind, Latin, non compos mentis. mentally ill; psychotic, schizophrenic, Sl. schizo; daft, Inf. daffy, unbalanced, touched, Inf. unglued, Inf. half-baked, Brit. Sl. bonkers, unhinged, distracted; dazed, moon-struck, possessed, infatuated; odd, peculiar, queer, bizarre, Chiefly Brit. Inf. potty, Inf. dotty, Inf. crackpot; brainsick, Sl. kooky, Sl. meshuga; All Sl. balmy, dippy, batty, bats, cuckoo, buggy, bughouse, bugs, screwy, wacky, wacko, goofy, loony, squirrelly, bananas, nuts, nutty, nutty as a fruitcake.
2. out of one's head or mind or senses or wits, Scot. redwood, Sl. loco, mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare, far-gone, stark raving mad; not all there, not quite right, not right upstairs; Inf. out in left field, Sl. in outer space, Sl. in orbit, Inf. off the wall; Inf. cracked, Inf. mental, Sl. off one's rocker, Sl. out of one's tree, Sl. off one's trolley, Brit. Sl. off one's chump; All Sl. have bats in one's belfry, have a few buttons missing, have a few loose screws.
3. maniacal, hysterical, madding, Archaic. wood, delirious; frantic, frenzied, frenetic; ranting, raving, storming, foaming at the mouth, convulsing; beside oneself, at one's wit's end; out of control, uncontrollable, unrestrainable, corybantic, Inf. haywire, berserk, rabid, wild; violent, stormy, fierce, turbulent.
4. absurd, silly, inane, fatuous, crackbrained,.foolish; irrational, wild-eyed, illogical, unreasonable; senseless, nonsensical, pointless; ridiculous, laughable, ludicrous; asinine, anserine, idiotic, Inf. moronic, im-becilic; childish, puerile, immature.
5. stupid, simple-minded, bird-brained, feebleminded, dull-witted; harebrained, light-minded, lightheaded, giddy; scatterbrained, absent-minded; confused, muddled, bemused.

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